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The services offered by us:
-flavor industry;
-textile industry;
-packing machines;
-measuring machines (temperature, weight, volume, pressure, etc.);
-management of production lines and conveyors;
-climatic systems and ventilation;
-diesel generators;
-ABR systems;
– production lines;
Electrical construction and subscription support.
-Complete construction of electrical installations in newly built buildings, factories and plants.
-Repair and maintenance of built electrical installations, as well as newly created.
-Design depending on the features of the building and the architectural model.
-Installation of electrical panels, replacement and repair of existing electrical installations. The production uses boards and materials from proven European manufacturers, as well as those of the customer’s choice, but approved by our specialists. The installation is performed by highly qualified electricians. You can order the boards according to a ready project or provide the design and construction to us. After the production of each board, a complete inspection of the finished product and its functionality is performed. The boards are completed with complete technical documentation.
-Various solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting.
-Building of low-current networks / video surveillance / access control / fire alarm / UPS -power supply.