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+359 889 50 90 62 office@topelectric-bg.com
2 Kremenitsa Str. 1280 Novi Iskar, Bulgaria


Software development for your new and/or existing equipment of production lines and processes as well as construction of automated building installations. We have experience in the automation of:
  • food industry;
  • textile industry;
  • packaging machines;
  • measuring machines (temperature, weight, volume, pressure, etc.).
  • management of production lines and conveyors;
  • air conditioning systems and ventilation;
  • diesel generators;
  • homes;
  • automatic transfer switch (ATS) systems;
  • assembly lines.
We offer a reconstruction of old machinery and equipment, including:
  • complete design and installation of new electrical equipment for your production;
  • preparation of all necessary technical documentation and staff training;
  • maintenance of the equipment installed by us.